finally: sunday

i’m incredibly excited right now. i had another long and awful work week. changing directions, sounds, lyrical style. everything. i’ve been a massive mess with this album. up until now (i think)…

i had a few huge breakthroughs today with the album. i have some crazy plans for this. i finally feel like i know what i’m doing and it’s making me incredibly excited. it started this morning after working for a few hours (and getting nowhere, fast) and realizing that i don’t have to top readers. i don’t have to try so hard to do something different, i just have to go after what i’ve wanted to for the past 4+ months or so. ambient.

i’m not going to go into details (just incase somebody is reading this that isn’t me) but i have some pretty insane plans for this album. it’s unexpected. but i love it.

good night.