i’ve spent all night in the studio and in these past two weeks i’ve thought a lot but recorded so little. i’m not happy with my chord progression. i think it’s boring and bland and unoriginal. it’s really starting to get to me and i’m thinking about just starting over. i need something darker sounding and something that will inspire some words/melody to go over it. right now all i’m doing is dragging out a dead cluster chord and it’s not going anywhere, honestly.

i think this has been one of my harder weeks of recording… the whole project so far is very hard. usually i have an inspiration and i try to mimic another work and form something of my own out of it. but with claye i’m trying so hard to stay away from mimicking anything. i want something truly original and i’m having trouble. maybe i’m just too quick to judge my ideas before even allowing them to develop…

i’m going to start over this weekend. i’ll try to write something tonight, work it out in the morning, then pick up recording on monday.