today wasn’t really a work on music kind of day (i justify this because of yesterday’s successes). i did have a lot of work to do, however. i purchased and setup the domain. it’s it’s pretty cool. it’s just a splash screen right now but come launch, well, we’ll see…

i’m still excited by the ideas i had yesterday which is a first for this album. everyday i went to bed thinking something different than i did when i woke up. i’m totally loving where it’s going and i’m excited to record some more.

also… since this will be a bit more of a focused record (i don’t want to limit any ideas) i’m thinking about working on side stuff during the album. if i come up with a song or two, i’ll make some time (hopefully) to get to record it. release on the web. maybe some live stuff when i’m hanging around the studio.

i’m looking forward to it.