a day later… an update on things claye needs to do…

  • ditch the concept intellectuality and complexity. embrace grain, noise textures, art influences.
  • ditch the pretentious titles. “cognition”? “euphoria”? fuck it. if i’m gonna have a difficult to understand album, i might as well have some relatable titles.
  • on titles… don’t describe the sounds with the titles. tons of ambient stuff does that and it’s pretty fucking annoying. make it relatable.
  • ditch lyrics. seriously, fuck it. i’ve had it.
  • greater use of space/silence.
  • less “psychedelic noodling”, more finely-controlled sounds. better use of dynamics and space.

i guess i lost this today at school. i still semi-remember it, though.

things Claye has to do:

  • be bold
  • take risks musicially and conceptually
  • not be shy of staying ambient
  • be mixed very well
  • use unorthedox vocals
  • stay away from hard-hitting sounds and traditional progressions
  • embrace free-time and cluster chords
  • move people.

sounds kinda mushy, but i think it helps.

i’m having a very tough time deciding whether or not i’m onto something with this or not. mixed carpetb tonight. eh.

this is proving to be a very tough album to make.

mixing for song two should be happening tomorrow. i’ve been working on the new site (2013 ds) for the past couple of days, trying to calm down a bit from all the stress i’ve been going through with claye. i’m actually feeling alright about it right now. looking forward to tomorrow’s mix.

mixed cognition tonight. the mix went very quickly, which scared me, but i think i might be feeling a bit better about the album (for now).

i was so unsure about it earlier tonight that i even took down the announcement post from my site. i think i just need to take this pressure off of myself. i need to keep making a better record.

i’m putting the post back online. i’m gonna mix song 2 on wednesday (and finish recording for it tomorrow).

harder than math?

one of the hardest parts about this album is getting the feeling that something is missing when there isn’t anything missing. i keep thinking “oh, this needs vocals!” but maybe it doesn’t. i’ve thought from the start that it should be instrumental (no words in the music, but vocals used only as an instrument when necessary). i keep trying to fill the spaces when the spaces are what makes this album.

one of the things that i wanted to keep away from the album is grandiosity. i’m sick of it. seriously, i’ve done it before and it’s what most music is all about. this is about leaving space. no big progressions. no huge melodies that shove themselves into your face.

today was really tough. a mess. spent pretty much every hour since 8am to 10pm recording and thinking about the album. didn’t really get anywhere. hopefully tomorrow is better. I have some ideas, but I’m not sure how to bring them together, yet.

feeling like shit right now. not really sure exactly where i’m going with claye and my mind keeps jumping around back and forth between different ideas.

sometimes I think it’s just too soon since readers & reporters. I need sleep.

first mix of claye is tonight. doing let me touch you?. this one won’t be on the album (i don’t think) but i’m sure itll be around.

i revealed the link to claye.org this afternoon.