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Occasional long-ish general articles about anything (music, tech, humans, etc.)

I’m not sure how I’ll be organizing this so that it all makes sense in one place

Written Task 1 Guidelines

200 word intro
800 word SOMETHING (non-essay)

Examples: letter writing, poem?, editorial, blog, diary entry, newspaper article, book review…

Ask about poem.

Graded on “do you understand the text type. Purpose and limitations of the text type.


AH –

Ambience for the first piece of Claye. But a sudden jolt into lyrics and somewhat traditional instrumentation and then litterally CUT IT OFF back into ambience. That is the ONLY lyrical moment of the album, maybe? Just to give a little sense to concept.

What happened was… I was listening to Eno’s new Lux and somehow another piece of music shot on then turned off mid-lyric. I thought this was a part of the album and I flipped a shit at how fucking cool this was. Unfortunately, I went back to listen and it wasn’t there (I realized what happened). After being upset about it, I noticed I could do this.

Fucking incredible. Hopefully it works and comes across the right way.

– From a fucking plastic bubble.