Lockets & Breadcrumbs

I put a lampshade on my head to see what’s inside
I put a lampshade on my head and I kiss the bride

Look at me go!
Look at me swing!

I follow you home
Like a cat on the swing set
I follow you home
And then I vomit uncontrollably; you grab tissues to wipe it up but there is simply too much vomit; the entire first floor smells of rusting nickels and the set of a sketchy porno and here I am shitting from my teeth like a fucking squirrel with rabies foams from the mouth; you wipe one spot clean and I quickly cover it again; frothy, frothy substances; the world explodes and we eat cake except we don’t because I’m still fucking vomiting all over the fucking apartment; it’s disgusting but there’s nothing we can do but wait for it to pass; like my cousin said, “sometimes you have to let the clothes dry out the old-fashioned way”; boys will be boys; well, fuck that!