I spent over 75 hours this week on recording Wormhole Parade, not to mention the countless hours of work I’ve spent on it before this week, or the years worth of work I’ve spent writing CLAYE. When it comes out, you’ll stream it on Spotify and I’ll get $0.0003.

I’m not trying to say you’re terrible if you use Spotify, you probably just don’t understand how fucked up of a business model this is.

Five and a half hours of recording later…

Wormhole lead vocals: done.

Tomorrow morning, I’m redoing the guitar parts (they’re out of tune and sloppy, fuck you pop music). Then tomorrow night I’ll be working on the build section.

Tuesday, more work on the vocals for the build part, glitch acoustic guitar part redo (finally), and general tightening up.

You have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, do you?

Making an album is like being in labor. You’re excited, then you’re in horrible pain and want it to be over, then you’re excited again. And then you give it up for adoption, and its new parents love it for a bit, and then throw it away.

If we’re still talking about children, this is fucking terrible!