Claye is such a rough ride. It’s finally gonna come together, but I can’t see doing another big music project like this again in the near future. After this album comes out, things are definitely gonna have to change.

You think you know how to move me
In circles, in circles, in squares, look a lion
I’m never alone in my box made of watermelon fingernails
And friends like me gather with pastries at the front door
She never clips her ear fire escapes, etcetera, etcetera
I don’t really mind at all because I’ll be standing right here when she’s gone

And I don’t have any more excuses
To clog up the tubes that lead to your heart
To smother those insides that you wear on your shirt

And I don’t have any more excuses
To drown out the thoughts that keep you awake at night
You’ll file this one away for now,
But I’ll be back with sweaters in hand, etcetera…