Bear with me for a minute:

We really need to dial back the selfie/disposable social obsession that we’ve gained and get back to what’s important. I feel like 2012 and onward has been a downward spiral into a world of fame-obsession and general disingenuousness.

In an effort to individualize, a lot of people are becoming incredibly plastic. It’s kind of creepy when you walk around and observe how people are acting. It’s so manufactured.

Moral of the story: stop taking pictures of yourself and starting loving other beings. And maybe work towards something that isn’t a recreation of everything that you see on TV.

Thanks to Rdio and Spotify, I have made an astounding $2.71 on ‘Weird – Single’.

That includes iTunes sales, but most people streamed it. If you’re only gonna count streaming music listens, I have made 11 cents off of Weird.

And this is the future of music.