It’s amazing how far you can bring a relationship by being honest actually talking about how you feel.

People are people.

You’re not going to find somebody any more perfect than you, so I wouldn’t advise expecting the person you’re with to magically be everything you want.

Especially if you’re too afraid to ever open your mouth and tell them what it is that you actually do want.

ocd routine for entering my parent’s home

1) tip of left foot must touch the bottom right of the first stone in the walkway, move in forwards motion.  

2) tip of right foot must touch the bottom left edge of a specific stone further up, move in forwards motion.  

3) repeat step 2 on another stone, forwards motion.  

4) once at the door, tip of left foot must be arched upwards on the brick step, heel hitting top left corner of a bottom stone.  

5) once the door is open, tip of right foot must touch the top edge of the final stop right in front of the brick step and slide forward without hitting the brick wall, left foot must be first on the floor inside the house, right foot stays in air until door is left foot is inside.  

this is my world.

I think the most important connection to have in a relationship is a moral one, not a superficial/general one. It doesn’t matter if you two like the same music or not, but it does matter if you aren’t ethically on the same page. That is what gets in the way if you’re not.