Sailing in a Sea of Saline

Get out of my torrrrrrrrrso
Not without the butter knives
Biding my time on the merry go rrooooooundddd
Watch the flowers turn into fetuses with milks and such
Like CHHHHHHoooocolate chips in my mouth hole
You’d never see the light of day with or without:
THE PEAAAAARS in my nostril cakes
Watch me float like a sex rabbit
In a small boat with nothing to lose
And everything to gain

My Uncle The Asbestos Frog

Willow the bigot down in the ghettos
As if Mr. Toothpick even knew, yeah right
Donny the Ferris wheel couldn’t catch a break
Not without a little bit of perverse fly swatting, oh fuck no!
Sal just wants his leg back, but we all know that’s a lost cause
Because Little Tinder is all fucked up with my uncle the asbestos frog