The thing about Claye is that… I just tried so hard to make it successful. It was manufactured from me emerging myself in a ton of music—a lot of pop stuff, especially—that I wasn’t always into. Every decision was so crazy-carefully considered. I wanted to craft this thing that I thought would be just the right combination of unique and accessible.

I don’t know if that was a bad thing, but I do know that it was taxing. I was chasing success, and I’m very tired of doing that.

Claye is still the best thing I’ve ever made so far, and I don’t regret the choices I made at all. But I look forward to going at it differently this time. I’m not chasing success this time.

Another Jumbled Rant on Streaming Music

(reposted from Twitter, which is why it’s a bit messy)

Re: taylorswift​‘s letter:

She’s right.

I’ve been saying it for three years. I make a fraction of a cent per listen, and it’s only getting worse. If you care at all about the media that you consume, just pay for it. It’s really simple.

And if you say anything about how shows and touring are the way that artists should be getting paid, you don’t understand the reality. Musicians like me have played countless shows to bartenders, sound engineers, and virtually empty bars. And touring is only an option when you already have money and a big following, unless you want to risk being in major debt. I shouldn’t have to invest myself in that lifestyle so that I can continue to pump free music into your ears.

I know this business model seems better for consumers right now, but trust me, it won’t be forever.

I never hear the end of people telling me:

“Oh, you just have to be discovered and get signed!”



“You should do covers on YouTube!”

No. No, I should be able to make (hopefully) beautiful and innovative music without jumping through hoops that make me feel uncomfortable.

It’s like telling a developer to spend 3+ years on an app, give it away for free, and then travel the country in a bus selling t-shirts.


Oh, I’m canceling the Claye shows, by the way. I’m done playing this game.

I’d rather spend my energy making better music.

I don’t give a shit about the fucking shows. I don’t like playing to nobody, don’t like the scene, and don’t like the imposed lifestyle. If you’re an indie musician, stand up for the art by not jumping through the hoops.

I’ve been doing it for 8 years. It’s not worth it.

Get a job, make great music on the side, and appreciate the fact that you’ve made something that you and hopefully others fall in love with.

I’m playing a show at The Living Room in Brooklyn in one hour.Bring your onion goggles.*plays first chord of lonely world and then gets up and throws a bowl of freshly chopped onion bits at the crowd or lack there of*

I have no plans to tour. Ever.

Yeah, I know, ever is big word. But I just don’t see it as appealing, and never have. My job is to make something beautiful and memorable in the studio. I shouldn’t have to fund that by sleeping in vans dicking about on a stage at a festival in front of a bunch of high folks.

Recording for Xeme has reminded me how frustratingly tedious recording an album is. And we’re talking about only 2 or 3 tracks per song instead of the 100+ on Claye.

Oh, by the way: I’m working on an EP of songs cut from Claye, called Xeme EP. Some live, some stripped, some unfinished.