Lovably Grey is now Lovably


If you only follow me for the music or the photos, you may not know that I also run a teeny-tiny design studio called Lovably Grey. Today we launched a big rebranding, and along with a number of other things, the name of the company has changed: Lovably Grey is now Lovably.

Since launching last year, Lovably has been really fortunate to have had the chance to work with so many interesting people, on a staggering 38 unique projects.

But with 38 projects in one year, and a team that until last month only comprised of myself, I invested so much of my time in customer projects—understandably—that I had very little energy left over to make Lovably any better. It hit me last winter that it’s my responsibility to make this company and the work we do something that people can admire and trust. So earlier this summer, I canceled a shit ton of projects, and decided to spend most of the season setting the foundation for the company I’ve always wanted to create.

I wrote a few hundred more words about today’s changes on the company blog, if you’re interested in hearing a bit more about where things are headed.

As a quick side note, I’ll be back in New York in just a couple of weeks, and I’ll be resuming my NYC apartment search in full force. I’m looking forward to playing some laid-back acoustic shows in the coming months, and more importantly, starting up the recording process for Album Nº4 in full force this January.