A Quick Update on Album Nº4

Hi there,

I just wanted to give a quick update on my next major album, The Birds Will Borrow Wall Street, which I announced back in mid-October with a release date of “who the fuck knows”.

I have no real news to give you other than to say that writing for the album is going swimmingly. I’ve honestly been writing for this album since the day that Claye was released. I’m at a point now where I have almost every song at least partially written, and that I don’t see the track list changing from here. I’m also pretty set on a 2018 release (for a number of reasons I won’t go into now), but that can still change depending on how quickly/slowly recording goes.

I’m really excited about the concept and flow of the album, I personally can’t wait to hear it. But I’m doing things differently this time. I’m trying to keep the recording process more low-key, as compared to Claye where I was doing 70-hour weeks and obsessively tweaked every single second of the record.

I have mixed feelings: I really, really want to hear this record, but I’m also still quite exhausted from the three year emotional craze that was Claye. I really should’ve seen it coming, but finishing Claye did a real number on my happiness. It’s hard to go from fully immersed for three years to… Nothing.

So as badly as I want to record, I’m physically not up for it yet, and I’m trying not to force it as much this time. Consider it an experiment.

I DON’T KNOW why I am writing these words. I just want you—few strangers who actually appreciate what I’ve been doing in music—to know that I live and breath this stuff. There will never be a day when I do not think about a record I’m either working on or wish I were working on. So while I’m trying to keep myself away from recording as long as possible to recover from the last album, I haven’t stopped looking forward to what’s next. And I hope you don’t either.

mUcH lOvE fRoM nYc,