After yesterday’s session (and the two before it), I think I’ll be taking a couple of weeks away from recording and start again in October. I have multiple unfinished versions of Song One at this point with no clear direction forward, so rather than continuing to bash my head against the wall everyday, I’m going to try to get a little bit of space.

When I return, I plan to dive into Song Two instead to see if I have any revelations on how the fuck this thing should sound, hopefully inspiring some energy back into my Song One attempts.

I’m having second thoughts about the piano and tempo in Song One, which means I might have to start over completely (after ~50 hours of recording). I don’t know yet. I’m just worried that I’m falling into old habits and not fully realizing my original vision for how this thing should sound.

Such is making a record.

Update: Okay, so relistening now and I think the tempo is fine. I definitely need to do something more than the piano though, but I may not have to start over.

Update Nº2: In very related news, I’ve ordered a melodica.

Recording Song One has been a bitch so far. Three recording sessions so far, about 20 hours in (not including many, many hours prior writing the song) and I still have no fucking clue how I want to arrange it, instrumentation-wise.

I mean, I have several directions I’m considering, I just keep doubting that any of them will really work.