First six versions of Song One have been trashed. I’ll be recording the seventh attempt this Friday/Saturday.

I think this one will work.

I’m not afraid to toss three fucking months of work. I have to live with this album for the rest of my life. It has to be right.

Okay, developments are developing. It’s time to rethink the sound of this thing (again) and place some more limitations on myself. I’m really excited to piss all over all of my work from the past three months and get back to making something that’s actually interesting (seriously).

Ah, the refreshing (terrifying) feeling of starting from scratch.


After three months of recording, and a month of working on this particular version (over one hundred hours, easily), I’m starting over again.

I have a bad habit of trying to fill up every song, the work could probably benefit from me fucking backing off and allowing more space. I think this direction could be fine, but it still doesn’t feel as real and natural as I think the best version could be.

I’m going to move on to Song Two for a couple of weeks while I rework this one and come back hopefully with a fresh take.

Fuck a buttered up chimp playing basketball, I’m extremely excited about the demo for Song One that I just did. The demo itself is a COMPLETE shitshow… It’s most just me fucking with different sounds, not at all coherent in the way that it’ll be when I start to record the album version this weekend. But this direction was my original vision for this song, I don’t know where the fuck this vision has been for the past two months I’ve been painfully trying to record this song (we’re at six different versions now), but I’m really glad it has returned. And I think it’s gonna be the right way to go.

This is going to work. I think.