Though I’m constantly worried that Album Nº4 won’t be as good as Claye, I feel that it has the potential to be something far more special than Claye or Readers & Reporters. Even with the huge roadblocks of the past seven months, I still feel like this record can be timelessly beautiful in a way that the past two are not.

That is, if I do a good fucking job executing on the ideas.

Today’s Writing Session

Thought this through some more…

1. I think starting with that free piano + sax going up the octaves could be a good way to introduce the album, then stop and go to silence/room sound for a moment before starting back up with the simple 3/4 arrangement from late January, which I liked.

2. Cutting out Verse 2 is a bad idea. I’m trying to shorten the song, but lyrically everything there is needed or else it loses emotion.

3. The whole song should not be free time. That’s just kind of a mess and makes it lose the suspense that the 3/4 (and other versions) had.

4. Introducing the record with free first before establishing rhythm could be really cool though. It should give breathing room for the atmosphere/room sounds to come through so that the entire thing isn’t just a wall of sound (my problem, as “wall of sound” is my comfort zone).

Fucking Exhausted

Yet another failed attempt at recording Song One—this time at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, using their piano rooms. I feel totally stuck, but I’m reminded of November 2013, when I was seriously considering giving up on Claye. The record was out ten months later. I’m so glad I didn’t give up.

I won’t give up on this, but I need a new game plan for how to move forward. I’ve been stuck on Song One for seven months now. I need to do something to push it along. Tried outlining a new schedule tonight, but it’s still a mess. I’ve been up for 18 hours now and working for the majority of that time, so it’s time to call it a night.