In my seemingly never-ending pursuit to make an album that is a radical departure from my previous work, I’ve struggled with capturing the true essence of the material I’ve written.

For nearly a decade, my crutch has been abundant layering, but this new material calls for rawness and austerity. With too much deliberation, it looses its sincerity and runs the risk of sounding masturbatory.

Every time I come close to achieving this raw, exciting sound, I find myself instinctively cluttering it until my original vision is a blur and the songs become little more than a parody of themselves. With each layer added, honesty and energy is withdrawn.

Consider the following metaphors:

1. A Painted Record: A meticulously crafted sound with liberal layering and every second accounted for.

2. A Photographed Record: A captured energy — a recorded moment in time, without manicuring. What you see is what you get and all you want.

If Claye is a painting, I would like MHC to be a photograph.