today wasn’t really a work on music kind of day (i justify this because of yesterday’s successes). i did have a lot of work to do, however. i purchased and setup the domain. it’s it’s pretty cool. it’s just a splash screen right now but come launch, well, we’ll see…

i’m still excited by the ideas i had yesterday which is a first for this album. everyday i went to bed thinking something different than i did when i woke up. i’m totally loving where it’s going and i’m excited to record some more.

also… since this will be a bit more of a focused record (i don’t want to limit any ideas) i’m thinking about working on side stuff during the album. if i come up with a song or two, i’ll make some time (hopefully) to get to record it. release on the web. maybe some live stuff when i’m hanging around the studio.

i’m looking forward to it.

finally: sunday

i’m incredibly excited right now. i had another long and awful work week. changing directions, sounds, lyrical style. everything. i’ve been a massive mess with this album. up until now (i think)…

i had a few huge breakthroughs today with the album. i have some crazy plans for this. i finally feel like i know what i’m doing and it’s making me incredibly excited. it started this morning after working for a few hours (and getting nowhere, fast) and realizing that i don’t have to top readers. i don’t have to try so hard to do something different, i just have to go after what i’ve wanted to for the past 4+ months or so. ambient.

i’m not going to go into details (just incase somebody is reading this that isn’t me) but i have some pretty insane plans for this album. it’s unexpected. but i love it.

good night.

“I woke up on the right side of the street with my thumb in my mouth.
And a rusting spoon in my pants pocket.

Plastic feet……

Floating in the mess of loose change, bus passes, credit cards.
Fingerscratchings in bits of paper.
Doodles of my left hand and dancing street signs.

And here am I sitting on top of the bucket list.
Painting my nails and twiddling my toes back and forth inside of my shoes.

Watching the armadillos chase snakes at snack time
And waiting for my mattress to fall on its face.”

at the end of each night i always end up frustrated with the work i’ve done for claye so far. a part of me wants to make something completely insane and another part of me wants to hold onto this readers-esque prog style that i still like. that’s the problem with doing this project so soon after readers. but it’s interesting. i’m very interested to see, come march, what claye sounds like. because right now i feel like i don’t have a clue. i have so many different ideas for how claye should sound that i’m having trouble making it all fit together.

today i set out to record cog. i ended up writing and recording what i think are gonna be songs 2 and 10. song 2 is an expansion of something that i started on my iPad yesterday. i played it into the mac and expanded upon it.

song 10 came out of nowhere. i had an empty project and went up to the mic and improvised some words and melody in one take, then dubbed some harmony parts (needs work). i think it could be a cool way to close the album off (after i clean it up, of course).

cb & tp

i also picked a few fonts for the album cover/marketing. i think that i actually want the title of the album to be on the cover this time around. we’ll see. the fonts are beautiful. really fit the concept.

i’m still in the studio now. few hours until bed. hopefully i make some more progress before bed.


i’ve spent all night in the studio and in these past two weeks i’ve thought a lot but recorded so little. i’m not happy with my chord progression. i think it’s boring and bland and unoriginal. it’s really starting to get to me and i’m thinking about just starting over. i need something darker sounding and something that will inspire some words/melody to go over it. right now all i’m doing is dragging out a dead cluster chord and it’s not going anywhere, honestly.

i think this has been one of my harder weeks of recording… the whole project so far is very hard. usually i have an inspiration and i try to mimic another work and form something of my own out of it. but with claye i’m trying so hard to stay away from mimicking anything. i want something truly original and i’m having trouble. maybe i’m just too quick to judge my ideas before even allowing them to develop…

i’m going to start over this weekend. i’ll try to write something tonight, work it out in the morning, then pick up recording on monday.

one of the elements we lose with modern recording techniques a lot of the times is a more free tempo. i’ve almost always gone along with a metronome (except with colour) and let logic keep some time for me. what i’ve found doing some of this ambient stuff is that it’s really quite difficult to make something that sounds good under this kind of restriction. i’ve been thinking about abandoning the metronome on cog and just letting the sounds flow for themselves. maybe that will help me.

it’s been a rough week so far but i think that i’m making some progress. tomorrow morning i’m going to try to grab some sounds and see what i can do with them.

i’m liking some of the ideas i’m having with how to start the album (mass. flsh). that’s making me a tad optimistic. hopefully some real recording starts on cog. this week… i’m getting very stressed out with these never-ending “thinking weeks” where i just spend hours sitting and listening to music and gazing at a blank logic file and several text files with writings.

i see things picking up soon, but right now i’m in that beginning stage. fun year ahead…


recorded a whole bunch of noise this morning. when i got home i had lots of trouble getting ideas in place (what else is new). it was a very frustrating day. but just as i was ready to pack up i had some ideas for a song called “let me touch you?”. not for the album, i think, but it turned out alright. i pretty much finished the first mix for it.

it wasn’t particularly important for the album, but i did get some ideas out that i might want to explore tomorrow when i get back to work on cog.

hopefully tomorrow is a little more productive.