Since releasing Claye in 2014, I have written two new records. I am proud of each. I have a third that I am excited to work on, as well.

But I have yet to successfully record any of it to a standard that I am happy with.

I truly hope to be over this technological hump shortly. I am moving full steam ahead and adore the patience of the few who have continued to follow the music side of my work over the past four years.

I have enough material for the next decade. I just have to figure out how to get it out of my head.

With love from New York City,


Yesterday morning’s four hour recording session went well. I got the 12-string take for Song Five — likely the first material for Album Four that I will actually be keeping.

I am very happy with it, at the moment, and am looking forward to building the song out next weekend.

I’m going to switch to the 12-string for all of the acoustic songs on the record. I’ve been struggling with the Martin sounding thin as the lead instrument on these songs. Just picked up the 12-string and tried playing a few of the songs and it’s so much better.

I recorded basically nothing this weekend.

Going back to recording in 44.1 after hitting a number of execution roadblocks with 88. Also, keep trying to remind myself that you can’t fucking hear the difference, anyway. Better that I get the album recorded.

I also think I’ll be mostly redoing Song Four. Something about how I’m recording the percussion is off. I might need to try recording it out on the roof. The room may be affecting the sound too much and keeping it from feeling real.

I also plan to start Song Five, this week, in accordance to The Master Plan or Whatever.