The Birds Will Borrow Wall Street


I’m making a new album—my fourth—and it’s gonna be called “The Birds Will Borrow Wall Street”.

I’ve been casually writing for it since February, and I’m planning to start up with a full-time recording schedule in January 2016. I’ve even picked a release date because I’m apparently nuts (hint: it’s almost two years from now), but that date is likely to change based on how the recording process goes.

Unlike my last album, Claye, I’m only announcing the title today. Don’t expect me to drop this thing tomorrow, or even a year from now, because I won’t be. I’ve learned through experience that these projects take years of life-consuming, sometimes torturous work, and I’m not looking to rush any of it. Take comfort in knowing that you won’t be hearing this album for a very long time. In the meantime, I’m documenting my process on Ego Hole, a government-provided insanity tube, which is always a fun read.

Honestly though, I’m so excited about this album. I’ve been out of the studio for over a year now, and it sucks. When I was in the final stretch of making Claye, I thought a lot about quitting music for a while after its release. I said that I didn’t see doing another album because of how taxing it was, and I believed myself.

The truth is, I fucking love doing this.

I used to listen to Claye a ton, about a year ago, but I can rarely listen to it anymore without crying. And when nostalgia starts to eat you alive, that’s a pretty good sign that it’s time to forget about what you’ve done in the past and move onto whatever is next.

For everything that I hate about the music industry—and trust me, there’s a lot that I hate about it—I have a huge love for making albums. Nothing I’ve ever done has been more difficult or rewarding. And as painful as it can be, this is something I need to do, and the day I stop thinking about the next album is going to be the day I’m dead. Even if only a handful of people listen, and I make barely enough money in one year to pay for one week’s worth of food, I’m not going to stop, because I know that my best album doesn’t exist yet.

So there you go: you now know the title of an album that won’t be released for a while. Have fun with that information.

I really do appreciate those of you who followed along when I was making Claye, and those of you who I picked up afterwards. I genuinely hope that everyone sticks around for this one, it’s gonna be good. I can’t wait for you to hear the album, and thank you so much for just giving a shit about the stupid things I do.



Weird + Weird Video


So after two and a half years of working on CLAYE, I finally have something to show you. Today I released a single called ‘Weird’, and I’m really excited (slightly frightened) for you to finally hear a little bit of what CLAYE sounds like.

I also spent some time making a music video for Weird, which is a first for me. Here is the Weird video:



You can find out all about Weird, including where to buy, where to stream, the making of the video, and more at

I hope you love it!


Introducing Turtle Pie


Updated on 06/23/2015: Turtle Pie is now, in an effort to simplify things. The idea is basically the same, it’s just in a different place and under my own name.

After months of plansteases, and failed attempts, I’m incredibly excited to announce “Turtle Pie“. This is my attempt at writing something that I actually like.

Turtle Pie features full-length pieces that sit at the intersection of technology, art, and philosophy. I’m launching the site with four posts and I plan to continue to publish regularly.

Here are the posts I’m launching with:

I look forward to dedicating more time and attention to writing. This isn’t just a side project anymore. Hopefully, this time, it doesn’t go the way of the dodo. I don’t think it will.