Since 2014

I do think it’s interesting how many glitchy popish albums featuring saxes as a center piece have come out since Claye’s release over two years ago. Not that I’m saying anybody copied it or anything (who the fuck even knows that Claye exists, am I right?) but it is interesting.

The Store

‘While the Ducks That Follow Me’, a mini-album from earlier this year, is now available for $5 on my new store.

After seeing iTunes be shoved in a corner with the Apple Music launch, I decided that taking control of how my music is sold was overdue. I sell the majority of my music through iTunes, but that could easily change.

So I’m starting with While the Ducks tonight, with Claye and Readers & Reporters to follow later this week.

Claye and R&R will both be $8, as opposed to the $10 they’re sold for on the big stores.

Recording for Xeme has reminded me how frustratingly tedious recording an album is. And we’re talking about only 2 or 3 tracks per song instead of the 100+ on Claye.

Oh, by the way: I’m working on an EP of songs cut from Claye, called Xeme EP. Some live, some stripped, some unfinished.