HAHAHA. So Goodbye Blue Monday fucked up booking big time. They booked me months ago for 8PM, then changed me to 12am without telling me. If I hadn’t checked their horrible ReverbNation embedded calendar tonight, I’d be in Brooklyn tomorrow 4 hours a head of time. Show is cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date.


At CLAYE shows, I won’t be selling physical CDs like I used to. Instead, I’ll be selling download cards, each with an unique code. You’ll be able to redeem the code online, which will (duh) download your copy of the album.

I used to sell CDs at shows, and customers could only pay with cash. At these shows, I’ll have a square.com register built right into the cart.

Seeing as I never carry cash, I shouldn’t expect that my customers are any different.

November show setlist sketch

Once in a Blue Moon
Stuttering/The Morning Paper
And the Bus goes up in Flames
Headlines (into)
Lonely World
The Real Bass Man
Everybody Steals
The Post Office is out of Stamps
Iodine Punch
Wormhole Parade
Little Ole Max